What’s In A Word?

Interesting question that, wouldn’t you agree? Well, here’s a quote from someone that’s proven he knows the answer.

The difference between the almost right word and the                                                   right word is really a large matter. ’tis the difference                                                     between the lightning bug and the lightning. – Mark Twain                                                    

Currently I’m going back through my first book ‘Coffee’s the New Blood’ from my second series, The OLD & the NEW, because I discovered that the minimum word count for a standard manuscript in the paranormal romance genre is now 10-thousand higher than it was last year. Although surprising, this switch-up gives me the perfect opportunity to add more depth to my plot and more ‘character’ to my characters.

Prior to RWA18, I’d thought ‘Coffee’s the New Blood’ was editor worthy – now, learning that I’m shy a few thousand words I’ve been given a new focus. Starting dutifully at page one, I’ve been re-vamping the manuscript to add more flourish to my words. In short … I’m adding the ‘lightning’ to my bug, and I know my readers will benefit through their enjoyment of this – FINAL – final draft.

In the in-between time I’m doing a mini-marathon session – reading Shelly Laurenston’s ‘Hot and Badgered’ book, again, before I tackle her {aka} G.A. Aiken’s newest dragon book ‘Bring the Heat’. Of course I have both series proudly displayed on my re-read shelve, which may lead to a major-marathon session if I’m not careful. (FYI: Shelly’s an excellent paranormal author that pens with a unique touch of levity. In fact, she’s one of my favorite authors that inspired me to try my own hand at humor in ‘Coffee’s the New Blood’.)

Time to get back to my word count and ‘write-on’.

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