Were-Animal verses Shifter

Truly, where do you stand in the extensively growing field of paranormal romance alpha characters? What side of the bleachers do you sit on – team were-animal or team shifter? Do you cheerfully read/root for team vampire or team Wicca master? Maybe your field-play involves the truly dead (aka) team ghosts or team myths. As for me – I love them all. I also enjoy books best when it’s the alpha-male that’s the otherworldly character in search of his human mate, don’t you agree? Of course … his mate can also be a shifter, but I seem to have a separation issue when reading books were the ‘mate’ is superior to the alpha male.

Does that make me a sexiest reader? If so, who cares? Reading is all about enjoyment after-all. We read what we love, which is why I read in far more genres than I write.

When I first started writing, I instantly knew I wanted my books to fall into the paranormal romance genre. I don’t know how I knew it, but I also felt that writing in three separate series just plan did-it for me. And, being from the Pacific Northwest, cougars quickly came to mind. I would write a series on were-cougars. Keeping the titles clean and catchy. My muse instantly jumped on board and Cat Calls was born.

That said, I want to share a short piece of my third book in my first series published – Samuel’s Tail – which is currently with my publisher right now!  This section, line edited only at this point, comes right after omega twin brothers Andy and Tony found out that striking out alone in search of their mates wasn’t such a good idea after all.  Warning … it’s just slightly over 1000 words – ENJOY.

With a welcoming chuckle at the nervous little omega, Robert met Kelly’s questioning eyes. “Would you please deliver Tony’s order to our table when it’s done babe?” Robert asked, winking at his mate to reassure him that everything was fine.

“Absolutely, and would you like a refill too sir?” Kelly asked, with a conspirator’s smile.

“Not just yet, sweets, and you should be good for a few hours yourself.” Robert answered with a sexy grin keenly directed at Kelly. Robert continued to smile at the blush he could see climbing up Kelly’s cheeks, before he led Tony over to his table.

Having claimed a chair, Tony respectfully waited until Robert was seated as well before he rushed in to continue his explanation.

“My brother and I have been looking for, that is – we heard about a pride called the Mountain Clan. And we kinda, that is –  we decided we needed to petition him … well not ‘needed to,” Tony said making quotation marks, “but really wanted to, and … well, a couple of days ago, I met a were-cougar gamma named Sammy. Well … we talked a while – you see, and we kinda agreed to meet back here later. That is – today. So, when I came into the Starbucks and smelled the barista … you and he are newly mated, right?”

“We are, please continue. I would very much like to hear how it is you are alone when there is a pride of rogues in this area targeting all manner of shifters – indiscriminately.” Robert said, inwardly chuckling at the youngling’s scattered dialogue. He made sure to use just enough gentle authority to let Tony know that he and his brother’s adventure was over. This young man could give Roger a run for his money in rambling, Robert decided.

“Yes, Beta, about that, well – we really did come to find the alpha to the Mountain Clan and petition to join his pride.” Tony admitted, unable to hide the whiff of bitterly dry forest, or his embarrassment at knowing he and his brother were so very much in the wrong here.

“First off, Tony, a were-cougar wishing yo petition a new pride seeks out that prides beta – not their alpha. Something I feel certain your host pride would have informed you of, had you but inquired.”

“Oops … we didn’t know that. I guess my brother and I have some major apologizing to do when we get back there.” Tony felt terrible. They hadn’t gotten anything right with their adventure.

“Just what kind of brother would allow an omega sibling to wander into a coffee shop alone? Where is this brother pf yours, Tony?” Robert asked, pulling Tony’s attention away from his thoughts. This time Robert was not completely able to hide his anger at such a slight. Judging by Tony’s partially opened mouth; the youth detected his scent of rotting vegetation.

Tone it down Robert, he counselled. Tony’s out of danger for the moment – you do not want to be the reason for his fear to increase, again.

With perfect timing, Sammy returned from checking out the furthest restroom and immediately recognized Tony sitting next to Robert. Unaware of all the specifics of their conversation, Sammy extended his greeting.

“Well, hello Tony. I’m glad to see that you made it to our little parley.” Sammy said as he claimed the chair nearest the door, “I brought that book I’d mentioned to you, it’s in my satchel. The one on the Maya that you said you wanted to look at. But … ” Sammy took in the rest of the Starbucks. “Didn’t you tell me that your brother would be accompanying you here today?”

“Oh, Sammy – I’m so happy to see you! Um … about my brother …”

A three-tone-jingle sounded, indicating that the main entrance’s door had swung open – temporarily distracting their conversation. Immediately a whiff of such an alluring scent, one Sammy had rarely even dared to dream of, hit him square in his Jacobson organ. It instantly had him swinging his head around – just as an exact duplicate of the omega he was talking to walked into the Starbucks. With one alarming difference. Mixed in with that enticing catnip was the faint scent of blood! It mattered not that the wounds were healing. Only that someone had dared to hurt his mate. They will die for that, he inwardly promised.

“Mine.” Sammy growled, before jumping up so fast from his chair that it would have crashed to the floor had Robert not grabbed it.

“Control yourself Gamma Samuel. Your mate needs you to comfort him now – seek retribution later,” Robert ordered. His full beta-authority was evident in both his voice and his scent.

Using his proper name along with his rank meant that if Sammy didn’t acknowledge his beta’s command, it would be taken as a challenge. With a wounded mate, whom he didn’t even know the name of yet – potentially still in danger, there was no way he would disrespect his beta.

“Go to him, Sammy – calmly,” Robert advised. “I’ll text Alpha Leviticus and get him here expeditiously. I’ll add to my request that he also bring Gamma Dennis and Omega Marcus Christian along with him.” Robert mentioned the rank and names of his pride brothers for Tony’s benefit. Instinctively knowing it would comfort the youngling.

His text sent, Robert thanked Mother Nature and the Fates for continuing to smile down on his pride. It appears that our were-cougar family has not only gained two more omegas, but we’ve been given a bonus gift to-boot. Since one’s obviously the mate to a well-deserving shifter.

Sammy didn’t much care who saw his actions, or what anyone thought of his possessive behavior. He carried his precious pretty boy with the deepest, darkest-blue eyes he’d ever seen back to their table. After immediately reclaiming his chair, he sat his mate on his lap. It dawned on Sammy that the same colored eyes were staring at him from across the table. Yet, they didn’t seem to hold any of the same deep-degree of intensity that was literally shinning in his mate’s.

The simple act of breathing in the scent of his mate had Sammy very much wanting to kiss him. However, he was entirely mindful of those fading bruises – causing him to hesitate. Not even daring a chaste one. Instead Sammy wrapped his pretty boy’s long tawny-hair, held back in a loose pony, in his right hand. Then cupping the smoothest face he’d ever felt, he turned it slightly away from him, so he could began nibbling on his mate’s beckoning earlobe.

While so pleasantly occupied, it occurred to Sammy that the unusual scent he detected on Tony –  the one that had been bugging him relentlessly for the past two days, was an extremely diluted version of his mate. Although it was a bit strange that he hadn’t made the connection sooner, he wasn’t going to waste any more time dwelling on that oddity right now. He adamantly decided that that puzzling issue would be stored away for a much less utopian moment. It would probably be best to bring the oddness of the matter up with Levi. Even going as far as to request a pride discussion, if necessary. Being a twin himself, Levi might know the reason his cougar didn’t react much at all to Tony’s weakened scent of his mate. Well, not any more protectively than I would for any other omega out alone, Sammy thought.

Andy took that moment to snuggle a little closer to Sammy’s chest. His movement stimulating yet another interest within Sammy’s body. In the area currently being occupied be the enticing rear of his mate.

There will be no lengthy discussion until after I’ve claimed my mate, Sammy silently swore. I don’t intend to repeat Robert’s mistake – battling his cougar-side for control – nearly shifting to attack Calvin when Kelly greeted him with far too much familiarity. All that pent-up tension irrupted within him because he thought he had plenty of time and delayed the marking ritual … infuriating his cat.

Andy turned to look up at his mate, puzzled that he’d just heard his mate’s thoughts in his head. But he was too caught up in the moment to dwell on it over much.

“What is your name, precious? Tell me,” Sammy cooed. “Tell me too, that you can feel the sacred pull between mates. I have waited over two centuries for you. Tell me what I have longed to hear.” Sammy whispered as he began to gently place kisses on the fading, yet still visible marks doting Andy’s face.

Giggling in the chair next to Robert, completely recovered from the shock that his beloved brother had indeed found his mate, Tony said, “His name is Andrew, Gamma Samuel. But we call him Andy … and I promise you that my brother felt the pull just as soon as you picked him up. Um … is it okay if I drop your rank now and go back to Sammy … you know – now that you’ll be part of my family?

Tony’s mirth turned to bashfulness when he noticed the confused looks directed his way from Robert and Sammy. Swallowing softly, Tony attempted to clarify. “I ah, well … Andy couldn’t tell you himself because he’s on sensual overload from all the sniffing and kissing you’re doing, um Ga …”

“Yes. Please go back to addressing me as Sammy, we’re as good as kith-and-kin now Tony.

Kelly came back to the table with the ground coffee beans, and a venti carry-mug of Tony’s hot black tea, sporting a huge smile on his face. “OMG! I so can’t believe it. Another mate. Holy big ‘J’ and all his peeps … this is co cool! This make’s three of us found because of this humble little coffee shop. Congratulations Sammy, and to your mate …”

“Andy. My name’s Andy.” And when he glanced over at his brother there were matching tears shinning in his eyes. “Happy Birthday, brother … and thanks for the coffee beans.”

Both brothers immediately reached across the table to embrace each other. Their exuberance nearly knocking over the chair Sammy was sitting in, causing him to tighten his hold on Andy. It was again saved from crashing to the floor be a now grinning Robert.

***I hope this sneak-peak bates your interest to stay in touch with my blog. I’ll most definitely post when Samuel’s Tail will become available. In the meantime, if you haven’t already, due pick up a copy of Leviticus’s Purr and Robert’s Roar – both available in print and eBook form on Amazon. As always, I welcome your comments.*** “Write On!”







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