Special ‘Sharing is Caring’ Sunday

I’m especially excited about today’s blog-post. An author friend of mine – CHRYSTA MANE accepted my invitation to share with you her first book in an amazing paranormal romance series involving … nope – no teasers here, you’ll just have to read her blurb:

FALLING FOR SNOW – Mystery of Keyser Ridge #1; By: Chrysta Mane

What happens when Fate steps in and throws a curve-ball?  One preservers in spite of the ethereal intrusion.  Yet Braxton Taggett and Gabriele  Pope meant to try and succeed even if it nearly kills them. Years of being tormented for being different, Gaby relishes the unconditional freedom offered by college life and then her first real job. However, listing for the sexy Environmental Studies professor and now he lad boss is not a bullet point on her life plan. Tell that to her body and inner cat. Both hunger for the man as if starved and refuse to listen to reason. Professor Braxton Taggett’s orderly, fact-orientated life was going along fine, until curvy, opinionated Gabriele Pope walked into his intro class, and turned everything upside down and ultra-chaotic. Who ordered a mate? Definitely not him, yet listening to the whine of his inner cat, it seems one walked in despite his wish. Gaby’s effect on him is nothing short of miraculous. His body and inner cat crave the sexy one-of-a-kind female snow leopard shifter more than life itself. Keeping her safe as well as his alone soon becomes a test of fortitude as well as ingenuity, thanks to her relation to one Braxton blames for the greatest loss of his life.

Wow, becoming a firm believer in Fate never fractured into any plan, but neither did finding and falling hard for a female snow.

***NOTE: This book contains explicit, erotic sexual content for mature readers only.***

If you were intrigued by her blurb – and I can’t help but believe you were – here’s a short biography of Chrysta that I’m equally sure you’ll enjoy. BUT FIRST –  you can find Chrydta’s books here: https://www.books2read.com/u/3R1KJL 

NYC born and raised, Chrysta has lived in suburban Maryland for most of her adult life. When not busy writing, she is catching up on reading, doing research or planning next year’s crop of container vegetables. Her stories ranch from modern day shifters to period historical, but all have one thing in common … a happy ever after.

I have to admit that sharing a book from an author I enjoy on my blog was a great deal of fun. I hope I can continue my NEW ‘Sharing is Caring’ every Sunday with different authors. If you have a favorite author – let me know. I’ll gladly contact them and ask to share their latest book(s) as well. And remember … “Write-on!”




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