‘Pitching’ @ Romance Writers of America 2018

This year the Romance Writers of America (aka) RWA Conference will be held in Denver, Colorado at the Sheraton hotel in downtown Denver. And since it’ll be my first time in Denver, I hope to break away from all the mayhem that occurs when hundreds of book-lovers get together and take in a bit of the local sights, and especially the food. {If any of you have a ‘most go to’ spot – please let me know.}

Now, on top of all the sessions being offered to help writers of every level hone their skills and grasp the ever-changing challenges of social media (aka) promotion woes … we’ll also have opportunities to intermingle with other authors, bloggers, librarians, readers, and even a few agents and editors. It’s those last two that make me the most nervous, as I intend to pitch ‘Coffee’s the New Blood’, the first book in my second series – The OLD & the NEW.

I’ve decided to share my elevator pitch with you: With time running out, Aiden finds his  vampire-mate in Penelope. After a weekend together they loss all their memories from a Wicca-spell gone wrong’s residual.  – Did I hook you? I hope so, because it’s the bait I’ll be using when I fish for an agent at RWA. – Write on.


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