Physical Theatre’s adaptation of Bram Stoker’s 1897 horror novel

Now that’s a handle if ever there was one. Although I live in a fairly small town by the ‘world standards’ … we are not without our offers of genuinely fine theater performances. Now, it’s no secret that I love everything paranormal. Either through my writing, my published books, Facebook, lite-conversation in a grocery store line, or my Blog … I enjoy everything in the paranormal genre. So, it would stand to reason that my family would have picked up on my interest – right? Nevertheless, when one of my favorite nieces surprised me with birthday tickets to see ‘Dracula’ at our local Columbia Theatre for the Performing Arts … I was beyond flabbergasted.

I’ll not cheapen the reading experience of those of you (however few there must be) that have yet to read the original book on this subject, I will go on to applaud the creative interpretation  of ‘Push Physical Theatre’s Dracula’. Push’s creative performance, in my awe-struck interpretation, gave credence to the genre that dominates my muse’s every-waking-hour. Suffice to say –  it was the best birthday gift ever.

Moving on – I want to continue with a couple ‘Quips & Quotes’ that I noticed in the Oct. 15 – Nov. 24 ‘Columbia Reader’ (a complimentary locally published small paper).                                                                                                                        Mark Twain (1835 – 1910): The man who does not read good books has no advantage over the man who can’t read.                                                                                George R. R. Martin ( 1948 – ) A reader lives a thousand lives before he dies… The man who never reads lives only one.                                                                ***Evelyn R. Loren-Martin (1956 – ) If I could grant anything … it would be to send adults back in time to recapture their love of reading before they allowed life’s annoyances to mutate that enjoyment. ***Disclaimer – my little quip wasn’t in the Columbia Reader.

I realize this is a short blog post – and long in coming. No excuses offered. Suffice to say … my writing has remained on track. I hope to interest my old publisher to pick up ‘Samuel’s Tail’ next year, while still pursuing an agent to accept ‘Savor the Bond’. Meanwhile – ‘Coffee’s the New Blood’ has been manipulating my time. Writing new word-counts will always be my ‘JAM’. But when you find your finished manuscript falling short of the required minimum, things get a bit ‘jiggy’.  Until next time, write on!








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