On the Road Again – soon

The very first Book Lovers Con is coming up, and I can’t wait. The planners decided to hold BLC in the fantastically multi-cultural city of New Orleans this May 15 – 19. Now, I don’t know about you but whenever I travel to an event, I must (not need to, but must) get there a couple days earlier just to get a feel for the area, it’s local hot-spots, and history.

Confession time here – this will be my second time visiting New Orleans. And truthfully … I’m even more excited this time than I was back then. Before, I could only imagine what it was that the city had to offer. NOW I KNOW! The cultural history, the diversity of the people, some of the best food I’ve ever tasted (and since I’ve been to nine different countries and over a dozen states – that’s saying something) … and the tours! Don’t get me started on just how many tours I’ve pre-purchased tickets for. But it’s the street-corner musicians I can’t wait to listen to again. Not just Jazz, but some of the most amazing Blue-grass music on the planet is played on a daily basses right outside on several street corners! Absolutely remarkable musician play their own creations, along with a few recognizable offerings. And this time … I’m purchasing their CDs.

Perhaps the most important thing about BLC 2019 is the lectures their offering. I have a mission to finally learn how to get a stronger handle on the workings of social media in promoting my books. Confession #2 – I totally suck at promotion. It’s a genuine weakness that no amount of webinars have thus-far managed to help me shore up. I’m a hands-on leaner, always have been … and jumping into this sea of promotional necessity without even a floaty just hasn’t been working. So, outside of the fan-girl, favorite author, groupie parties I’ll be attending – there’s the focus on finally mastering social media to truly learn the ropes of promotion.

I’ll take lots of picture in and around Nola to share, make as many contacts as time – and the lack-of-sleep allows, eat the food, see the sights, absorb the music, and come back ready to apply what I’ve learned to the business of being an author. QUESTION – Is it true what they say in this business: It’s all about the reader? ANSWER – I’m not sure. And until I master the technique on just how to reach my readers, I may never know.

“Write on.”

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