No Two Snowflakes are Ever Alike

I was raised in a state that can still boost having all four individually pronounced seasons, with each one owning their particular mood. I’m speaking of Minnesota, although I’m aware my home state isn’t alone in this. I think I was about three-years old the first time I heard that saying, no two snowflakes are ever alike.  Admittedly, at that age, I had no idea what my auntie Eva was talking about. All I wanted to do was catch them on my tongue, form them into snowballs, and avoid any place where our dog had been. Now, of course, I totally get the reason why that saying’s been proven true..

There are dozens of other sayings that were equally perplexing in my youth that also began to make total sense as I warped from childhood to adulthood. Such as:                                                        * That’s how the cookie crumbles.                                                                                                        * Don’t put all your eggs in one basket.                                                                                                * Just alike as two peas in a pod.                                                                                                          *  Don’t judge a book by its cover.                                                                                                        * Enough is as good as too much.                                                                                                          * It’s best to be 30-minutes early than 5-minutes late. (A favorite of my mother’s)  You get my drift, and please feel free to share with me any catchy sayings that you recall.

Of the six I’ve listed, I believe I can totally discredit the logic behind one of them. Any guesses which one? Go ahead … reread them. Now, if you chose – Don’t judge a book by its cover. – you’re absolutely correct. If you chose one of the other five, may I humbly suggest that you go back to my first blog post and get to know me?

As an author, the most important thing to me, after the full completion of my books (including editing), was the cover. I wanted there to be no mistake that at the first glance of each cover, my readers knew exactly what they would find within the pages of the book. In my Cat Calls series, each book will always have a cougar in the forefront with a stunning looking couple (both men) off to the side. Making it clear that your looking at a paranormal man-with-man romance that evolves around world of were-cougars. That alone should be enough to entice interested readers to then read the blurb on the back. And in a perfect world – buy my book.

In my mind, I knew exactly how I wanted my MM were-cougar covers to look. But that seems not to be the case with my standard male/female romance series – The OLD & the NEW. My lead characters are a modern day mid-twenties business woman, with a somewhat untamed gift of precognition. And a nearly 300-year old vampire prince on a mission to make her his own, despite or maybe because of the hurtles thrown at him. Your guess is as good as mine on what that cover will look like.

If you have any suggestions, please send them to me. If I chose your idea … I’ll send you a signed copy of ‘Coffee’s the New Blood’ once it gets published. “Write on.”


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