It’s True – It’s All About the Title

Who knew that the very first thing I learned in a Boot-camp for Romance Writers course would become the most important. Well, that and using every-single-keyword-imaginable that’ll even remotely draw attention to readers in your genre. At the risk of ‘blowing my own horn’, I believe I’ve mastered the title dilemma. I mean … just check out my titles in my paranormal, man-love, were-cougar, Cat Calls shifter series: Leviticus’s Purr; Robert’s Roar (both available now in print or eBook on Amazon – or my blog page); Samuel’s Tail (coming soon); Calvin’s Cubs (in final editing stage); and Peter’s Pounce (in its rough-draft).

Not to mention that Coffee’s the New Blood, the first book in my The OLD & the NEW series involving a centuries-old vampire, royalty woes, spells gone array, ghost pets, and a very modern mid-twenties no-nonsense business woman. Which is currently in the hands of my beta readers. What’s in the works now with this series do you ask? Well …  it’s book-2, Hairy, but Not Scary. Any guesses what paranormal ‘regular’ takes center stage in this book? If you guessed were-wolf – you’d be correct. The hero is a shifter of the moon-loving were-wolf verity, and his mate is very gifted in the earthy powers of gemstones, Tarot  cards, herds and woman-power. Adding to her list of credits is her unfailing love of anything with four-paws, fury, and wounded laying on the side of the road.

Warriors and Wicca play a huge part in my third series – Tri-Natured Warriors.  This good-verses-evil standard paranormal romance is my only series that I’m attempting to attract an agent for. That’s right … I believe my first book, Savor the Bond, will benefit greatly as one of the many warrior/witch/demon conflict-filled romances published the “old-fashion” tried-n-true standard publishing way. With that being said, I have received four rejections (so far) from agents. But, the take away from their rejections is their willingness to take the time to briefly write me ways to improve my manuscript. That makes every rejection a total win with me.

Lastly, did any of you count the number of KEYWORDS in this post? Please feel free to email me or comment on this blog if you have come up with more innovative keywords for paranormal romance books that contain all things that go bump in the night. “Write on!”

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