It’s Official

Well, it’s official … my 2019 New Year’s Resolution has come to an end. Oh, I know what you’re thinking and (believe me) I agree. How can anybody make a new year resolution and in just two weeks admit it’s over? In my defense, I give you Webster’s College Dictionary – 2002 edition’s definition for resolution: Resolution (n) 1. The act of resolving or reducing to a simpler form. 3. The purpose of course resolved upon. 5. An outcome or result that serves to settle a problem, uncertainty, or conflict. (Did you notice the pattern?)

As an author, I took the liberty of picking and choosing which ones of  Webster’s 7-plus definitions I wanted to use/agree with. You can imagine the conclusion I was easily able to come to as a result. I actually do comply with my standards of keeping my new year’s resolution after all! I meet #1 because I’ve lowered my word count per-book per-day to an attainable number. And can now celebrate every day when I write over that amount, instead of metaphorically speaking beating myself up. #3 is obtained because I’ve blocked out hours (yes, hours) each day that are all about my writing. Not any particular set time, mind you, but a total hour requirement. These hours involve research, edits, as-well-as new verbiage. And because of my commitment to the first two, I’m able to claim victory over the fifth. The problem settling mention in #5 is perhaps the most important of the three. Since my word-count goals are met – uncertainty dissolves (most, but not all) with every critique I receive from my beta readers, line-editors, and would-be agents’ rejection letters. And conflict, well … let’s just say I leave that on the pages of my books.

So it would seem that my 2019 New Year’s Resolution hasn’t come to an end after all.  That’s great news for me, since this year marks the end to my life-long streak of breaking new year resolutions. And you’re all welcome to use my fix to resolve your own issues with any resolutions you’ve made. “Write on!”

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