Infant Stage For Now – but making progress

Thank you for baring with me as I learn the ropes of Blogging. As I’ve mentioned, I’ll be attending Romance Writers of America 2018 in Denver, Colorado … my flight leaves at 5:30 in the morning! ARGH! Having to fly out even before Starbucks opens is plain criminal. While there, I’ll be picking-the-brains of as many Bloggers as I can to ‘school’ me with what they’ve discovered works best (and what doesn’t). Attending classes that will better help me provide my web-designer with a more modern ‘upbeat’ take on exactly what it is that makes my writing unique is my second goal. All three of my series have just enough differences to attract all manner of paranormal readers. Yet, the hunt for the best Keywords that’ll make my work POP as potential readers search the web is another area I’m determined to shore-up at the conference.

Cat Calls is the only series that I’m currently published in (you can find book-1, Leviticus’s Purr and book-2, Robert’s Roar in eBook as-well-as print on Amazon). Although all my writings are in the paranormal-romance genre, Cat Calls is my only MM erotic series. I really enjoy writing about were-cougar warriors finding their human (but not always human) mates. All that their ‘better-halves’ put them through while they struggle to keep them safe – and out of mischief – keeps you turning the pages. Book-3, Samuel’s Tail will be my chief project after RWA18. My goal is to have it published before the end of this year.

The OLD & the NEW is the series I’m most excited about, as I’ve finally finished the first book – Coffee’s the New Blood. Vampire prince, Aiden,  must mate before his 300th birthday or be rendered celibate. His eternal mate is the very modern business owner, Penelope, with her own set of goals and ‘well-meaning’ friends. As you can imagine the age-gap isn’t the only thing they’ll have to overcome. Adding to the mix is a rival vampire-kiss determined to keep them apart – at all cost. Pitching this book at the conference gives me the most anxiety … but only because our time is so limited when we pitch to the agents interested in our genre. Although I’ve practiced – a lot – I still can’t seem to shake-off my nervousness.

Well, that’s it for my pre-conference post. I can’t wait to share what I’ve learned, and if I managed to ‘hook’ me an agent when I get back. “Write on!”

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