In The Works

* Cat Calls – book 3; Samuel’s Tail
Recovering from being beaten-up from rogues, Andrew rethought his and his twin’s decision  to leave the safety of their birth-pride to go searching for their mates. Grateful that his brother had chosen a Starbucks parking lot to wait out his healing, Andy walked in. Within seconds he was wrapped up in the powerful arms of a gamma were-cougar. Sammy instantly knew three-things: he’d found his mate; his mate had been bleeding; someone would pay. (Looking for a cover artist)


* Cat Calls – book 4; Calvin’s Cubs
As the youngest in his pride, Calvin secretly enjoyed the carefree nature of his years, while laughing at the antics of the mates of his were-cougar brothers. That was all about to change, when at a supermarket’s parking lot the Fates intervened. “Auggie … NO!” – Screeeeeech, bam! Holding a frighten child in his arms, Calvin locked eyes with his mate. “Thank you for saving my daughter.” – “My pleasure. My family’s having a barbecue … care to attend?” (Reading for professional editing.)


* The OLD & the NEW – book 1; Coffee’s the New Blood
Waking up discovering discovering that he’d found his eternal mate just days before his deadline would have delighted Aiden under normal circumstances. Unfortunately, having no memory of meeting her, and learning of rival vampires in the area, made this far from normal. Penelope, waking just as confused, accepts the Wicca help of her BFF’s. Can the couple manage to come together despite the butterfingered intentions of ghostly pets, well-meaning friends, and motivated vampire mere-do-wells? (Final polishing before handing off to my beta-readers are taking place.)


* Tri-Natured Warriors – book 1; Savor the Bond 
Okay, only one man per-century was chosen by the ‘Maker’ to become a Tri-Natured warrior. Michael got that. He had apparently exhibited bravery and leadership during the worst of times and freely offered his services – for eternity – protecting man-kind. He got that too. The hardest part for Mike to accept is that his bonded mate must possess Wicca-skills. To his knowledge, Karen – the wholly-human woman he’d loved while mortal –  didn’t. Karen begs to differ.  (A work in progress – with interest from an agent!)