Happy Holidays!

Finally we have a Monday coming up that a majority of people are actually looking forward to instead of dreading. Christmas Eve-day is on a Monday this year – alas, we Anti-Monday-Morning people have a reason not to dread getting up.  But honestly, there are a few other things over the holiday-craziness that I’ve come to dread infinitely more than Monday mornings. I think Charley Brown, off that beloved Christmas program which airs every year, said it best – “Commercialism … @#{%!”

Moving on. In my Cat Calls series I have a character – Marcus Christian (aka) MC, that was born into the domestic were-cougar rank of omega.  (You meet MC first in book-1, ‘Leviticus’s Purr’, and he cameos in book-2, ‘Robert’s Roar’, and the soon to be released book-3, ‘Samuel’s Tail’, as well as each book the follows – leading into his own story – book-6, ‘Dominic’s Own’, scheduled for 2022.) Simplified, that means MC loves everything about the domestic duties he sees to for the members of his growing pride. In my last blog post, I toughed briefly on the foods that several of my characters from two of my series shared with my muse that they’d typically serve over the holidays. And that got me to thinking. What about real people, like myself for instance? Ones that don’t like to cook. The idea of wrestling with fresh or frozen fowl, raw legs of whatever, or slabs of beef is the farthest thing from holiday fun for us that can be. So, what can we do?

Well, I was lucky enough to stumble onto one solution during a stop off at the Post Office. A lady asked me if I wanted a copy of the magazine, ‘Southern Living’. It seems she’d been getting two a month and the problem was yet to be resolved. Never one to turn down anything potentially useful, specially when free, I thanked her and we wished each other ‘Happy Holidays’. It was the December 2018 issue, and inside was an article by Jennifer Justus titles – The Ham Lady.  The article centered on a family ran business (for generations), currently lead by Nancy Newsom along with her son-and-heir John. The business is called – Newsom’s Old Mill Store, and they’re all about country-cured hams! You can’t have a three-generation business without set-backs, and a few were mentioned that these “aged country hams” professionals were able to overcome. But hey, even Julia Child was quoted in the article singing praises about these hams. The article mentions that at one time they had a mail-order business … and they still do! I know I’ll be googling for more info in time for next year’s holidays. It’s all about the research when you’re an author after all. You non-cooks, and even those of you that cook, can find all of the Newsom’s hams at newsomscountryham.com . “Write on.”



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