Finally Back On Track

Do any of you travel much? I don’t know if it’s just me, but for some reason I spend three-times as long unpacking after a trip then I spend packing. And on top of that … no matter how much I try to downsize how much I take with me  – I still never use around one-fourth of the clothes/shoes. Although I’m proud to say that both my suitcases were well under the maximum weight allowed, that is,  pre-conference flight (no need to mention that the extra carry-on I packed was put to full use on the way back home – right?).

As you may recall from my earlier post, I was headed off to Romance Writers of America (RWA18) in Denver, Colorado. It was an amazing conference. I managed to make a couple new contacts, meet up with some old friends, and even make a few new ones. As a fairly new author myself, I love it when I get the opportunity to share my don’t do what I did sage advice to RWA ‘virgins’.

On the business side of things, I happened upon an agent waiting by the elevators on the third-day. Reaching clear down to my pedicured and polished toenails for courage, I managed to ask her what genres she preferred to represent. After taking a quick glance at my name-tag, she said she was interested in fantasy, sci-phi, and paranormal romances. BINGO! Needless to say, I offered up my elevator pitch for my third series – Tri-Natured Warriors, Savor the Bond … as we rode the elevator all the way up to her floor (several floors higher than mine). The series’s pitch: Judged by their deeds, a powerful entity chooses one man per-century. Gifted with three otherworldly natures, and centered by their mate, they protect mankind. When she asked for more, my business persona kicked in and shared the pitch for the first book: Inept vampire-like creatures attack a group of campers. Although holding their own – injuries pile up. With Ho;y-water running low, Michael’s left with only one choice. After just a couple more questions, and reaching her floor – she gave me her card and requested the first three chapters and a synopsis. SQUEEE!

I rode the elevator back down to my floor – all the while doing the ‘happy dance’, thankful that nobody else was in the elevator with me. Now … it’s time to get back to my word count, after I perfect Savor the Bond’s synopsis. Wish me luck. “Write on!”

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