Although my writing centers around the paranormal, my romance reading is not so closely corralled. There never seems to be enough time to read as much as we want to as the craziness of the 21st century progresses. But when I can latch onto a few hours, I gravitate towards historical, science-fiction, and (of course) paranormal romances. Here I’ve listed just a few of my favorites. If you haven’t already read these amazing authors – do yourself a favor and check them out. Also, please feel free to share any of your favorite with me, and I’ll gladly post them on my Blog page.

* Historical Romances begin with my 3-H’s (I call them this because I truly own every historical romance book these three women have published, and I continue to add their works to my personal library.

Hannah Howell – Highlanders literally rule her muse in the best way, and all Hannah’s heroines have no problem holding their own.

Elizabeth Hoyt – Reading Elizabeth’s books have literally had me silently screaming in frustration … but in the best possible way. period tension is very real in her books.

Madeline Hunter – I just have this to say about Madeline … I didn’t put her book, ‘The Wicked Duke’, down until I read it through. Trust me when I say – that doesn’t happen often.

(Now, if you’re like me, when an author can offer up a mix of historical and paranormal it’s a true bonus. One of a few authors that have mastered this is Karen Marie Moning.)

* Science Fiction Romance is a very broad genre, often including paranormal and mystery romances.  Two ‘power hitters’ that I have been privileged to not only ‘fan-girl’ all over the place with, but also take Boot Camp classes from while attending the now retired Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention. They are none other than  Linnea Sinclair and Cherry Adair. A third author that I was thrilled to meet at RT, and can easily form a trio with these women in cross-genre writing is Heather Graham.

* Paranormal Romance found its way into my reader’s heart some 3-plus decades ago. It was the genre that helped me make the switch from reading non-fiction to fiction. The very first series of paranormal works I read was by Laurel K. Hamilton. Anita Blake remains one of my favorite ‘kick-ass’ heroines. Immediately trailing her was Sherrilyn Kenyon – OMG (literally) the gods do love to play, but Ash and his warriors fight to make things right. Even when they’ve been done sooooo wrong. Christine Feehan, with her centuries old ‘dark’ warriors fighting against their own kind that had turned vampire because they were unable to find a mate makes her ‘Dark Hunter’ series a true must read … and the romance – wow!

Yet, these three authors are perhaps the ones most endearing to me for planting my muse’s seed. Their writing styles are the closes to my own, minus my unique ‘signature interpretation’, or writing style: Kate Douglas, Lynsay Sands, and Shelly Laurenston.  If you are missing humor in your books, page-turning plots, and HOT scenes … check these authors out.