Leviticus’s Purr

Leviticus is alpha of the Coalition of Paranormals newly sanctioned were-cougar pride, the Mountain Clan. When Levi identifies the minty scent of catnip, it can only mean one thing: his destined mate is close. Roger is a human, completely in the dark on anything paranormal except for Hollywoods interpolations, and on a road trip nursing a wounded heart when he takes a break from driving.

Imagine Rogers surprise when an Adonis of unbelievable yumminess shows up at his car window. Roger is in awe of his admirer, but whats with all the sniffing? Despite immediate attraction between Levi and Roger, the problem, or to be more specific, problems mount quickly when Levis bitter brother Gabriel gets involved, obsessed with punishing his powerful sibling.

Gabriel is hell-bent on righting a wrong he feels Levis pride of gay shifters has done to the mother of all nature. Gabriel is determined to correct this slight, and he wont let collateral damage stop him. As a human, Roger is an easy target, but Levi wont allow his mate to be hurt at any cost. Can Levi find a way to establish peace with his brother while nurturing his new relationship with the man he’s fated to love?


Robert’s Roar

Having already scented his mate twice at the local Starbucks, were-cougar beta Robert is determined to not let circumstances deny him a third time. He will remain on stakeout for as long as it takes. Once he spots his illusive mate, he will convince him they are fated to be together. If the young human doesn’t run away screaming, they will take their place as the newest couple at his prides ranch house.

Kelly has always had an odd gift for sensing when something unusual was about to happen, particularly if it would affect him or those he held dear. Unfortunately, his gift was always vague, even in the face of danger. When a man, too gorgeous for words, wants to get to know him better, Kelly is determined to set the pace, despite the way he seems drawn to the man just like the characters in all those sappy romance novels he’s been reading.

Once Robert and Kelly actually meet, things don’t go quite as planned. Robert remains on the watch for rogue shifters led by Gabriela bitter alpha, hell-bent on preventing the pairing of were-cougars with humans, especially in his brothers Mountain Clan pride. Robert knows he’s meant to be with Kelly, but Kelly still needs some convincing, especially when danger arrives in the form of shifters who want nothing more than misery for Robert and his friends.