After nearly 35 years of quality control paper-testing, I chose to retire, at 56, from a well known paper mill in the Pacific Northwest – formerly known as the Fibre. An avid reader for decades, I wanted to pursue my long-time interest in writing paranormal romances. Writing on paper, rather than making it.

I quickly discovered that my wanting to write, and writing well were vastly different. So, I began attending RT’s Booklovers Conventions as an aspiring author. Registering for their Beginners Bootcamp, and later, the Advance Bootcamp was probably the best decision I could have made. There, I was able to make several contacts in the industry. Taking advantage of the classes offered each year was pivotal in my discovering that – I’m gonna need a bigger notebook! A member of RWA since 2013, I attended my first conference with that organization last year. I have managed to pitch two of the three series that I’m currently writing in to agents during these times, with some positive responses.

Unfortunately, back in 2013, MM paranormal romances were not as popular as they are now. Therefore, I decided to go Indy with my were-cougars Cat Calls series. Leviticus’s Purr was the result (with a 2016 release through Abbott Press). Robert’s Roar followed, albeit prematurely, in 2017. Only to be pulled, at my insistence, because my final edits were not included (It now bears a Jan. 2018 re-release date). Book 3, Samuel’s Tail is waiting on professional edits – book 4, Calvin’s Cubs is with my beta readers – book 5, Peter’s Pounce is a work in progress (and the titles and ideas continue). My other two series’ are standard MF paranormal romances. Coffee’s the New Blood is the first book in my, The OLD & the NEW series. It’s in its final draft/self-editing stage. The third, and final series my muse is intrigued with is my Tri-Natured Warriors. I’ve yet to fully complete the rough draft of the first book, Savor the Bond. It’s the series that I’m currently taking an on-line class for. My fight scenes were too flat, and in need of three-dimensional writing lessons.

I live in the Pacific Northwest. A small, comfortable little town in the evergreen state, to be more specific. Having raised my son, while guiding a few nieces and nephews along the way, I’ve claimed this times as my own. When I’m not trying to net my daily word-count, I’m busy trying to improve my writing through webinars. The struggle with promo is real, but I hold onto the hope that it’ll eventually ‘click’. I have two adorable, yet way too rambunctious fur-baby sisters, Lucy and Ethel, that I adopted from their rescued mommy-cat. She was lucky enough to find a forever-home just one week before giving birth to my kitties, and their three brothers. Often times, I find myself writing with Ethel behind me – sharing my chair – and Lucy on my lap. My desk, and the kitchen counters, are the only places off limits to them. This is an every-changing business. Yet, despite some pitfalls, I’ve met some amazing industry professionals. I’ve discovered that authors are the best at sharing their expertise with those that follow in their giant footsteps. Thank you mentors, and ‘write on’.